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The Customer Bill of Rights

At Hiya, we value honesty and trust. In this Customer Bill of Rights, we lay out what you should ask for in terms of accountability, transparency, and results from any branded caller ID service. These guiding principles are Hiya’s guarantee, as well as the industry standard best practices. 

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As a customer of a branded caller ID service, you are entitled to...
1. Accountability
2. Transparency
3. Results

Accountability of all calls your branded caller ID service has influenced.

At any time, by providing your call log, you are provided a fully auditable accounting of the calls that have been influenced by a branded caller identity. Additionally, you have a right to see exactly what has been displayed on the screen of each consumer for each and every call your branded caller ID service influences. Brass tacks; you only pay for the calls that can be proved to have received a branded call identity.


Transparency in how the services work.

When you enroll with a branded caller ID service, it can be difficult to tell what’s going on.

No more. As a customer, you should demand transparency so you can be confident about the product you’re using and the services you’re paying for. 

You have the right to insist on written assurances that the services provided are done on behalf of each carrier and device in the caller ID provider’s network. Most importantly, you should have a guarantee that the service provider is not simply referencing CNAM. As a consumer of a caller ID solution, you’re entitled to identity that is delivered as part of the call flow and not as a basic database lookup.


Results from a branded caller ID solution.

Whether you are testing a solution or are already a long-term customer, you are entitled to verifiable, consistent reporting on the impact Hiya Branded Call is making on your KPIs and business outcomes. We don’t leave you wondering what impact identity is having on your calls. 

We provide a full methodology and definitions behind our calculations and present accurate and measurable results--no estimates, approximations, or guesstimations. We, at Hiya, stand behind our pledge that Hiya’s Branded Call actually works to influence your key business metrics.

This is Hiya’s guarantee of partnership. 

With so many decisions to make and products out there, it can be difficult to know who to trust. With a branded caller ID provider, you want a partner that’s not only going to provide a product that works--but also empowers you to utilize it in the most effective way. Hiya’s team of representatives is here for you to ensure you’re getting the most out of our platform to improve your business performance. Because when you win, we win.

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