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// init Weglot Weglot.initialize({ api_key: 'wg_0a6b841f94bbfdc02359c31fcc29ceb89' }); // on Weglot init Weglot.on('initialized', ()=>{ // get the current active language const currentLang = Weglot.getCurrentLang(); // call updateFlagDropdownLinks function // updateSW6FlagDropdownLinks(currentLang); }); // for each of the .wg-element-wrapper language links document.querySelectorAll('.wg-element-wrapper.sw6 [lang]').forEach((link)=>{ // add a click event listener link.addEventListener('click', function(e){ // prevent default e.preventDefault(); // switch to the current active language Weglot.switchTo(this.getAttribute('lang')); // call updateDropdownLinks function updateSW6FlagDropdownLinks(this.getAttribute('lang')); }); }); // updateFlagDropdownLinks function function updateSW6FlagDropdownLinks(currentLang){ // get the wrapper element const $wrapper = document.querySelector('.wg-element-wrapper.sw6'); // if the .w-dropdown-toggle is not the current active language if($wrapper.querySelector('.w-dropdown-toggle').getAttribute('lang') !== currentLang){ // swap the dropdown toggle's innerHTML with the current active language link innerHTML const $activeLangLink = $wrapper.querySelector('[lang='+currentLang+']'); const childDiv = $activeLangLink.innerHTML; const $toggle = $wrapper.querySelector('.w-dropdown-toggle'); const toggleDiv = $toggle.innerHTML; $toggle.innerHTML = childDiv; $activeLangLink.innerHTML = toggleDiv; // swap the dropdown toggle's lang attr with the current active language link lang attr const lang = $activeLangLink.getAttribute('lang'); const toggleLang = $toggle.getAttribute('lang'); $toggle.setAttribute('lang', lang); $activeLangLink.setAttribute('lang', toggleLang); } }