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Major Blue Chip investment firm in the financial services industry

This investment bank and financial services blue-chip, Fortune 500 company operates in 40+ countries with 60,000 employees. The company has three major corporate divisions: international securities, wealth management, and investment management.



Spam callers spoofed this well-known company’s name in scams frequently

When the company’s own outbound call service noticed that it was being marked as spam, likely due to the prevalence of real scammers utilizing their name or spoofing consumers through their outbound call phone numbers, they realized they had to invest in enhanced caller identity technology to protect consumers and their brand—so they came to Hiya.



Branded Call led to a 27% increase in average talk time and no more spam reports

With Hiya Connect Branded Call, this financial services company found that they were having higher quality conversations with clients, particularly for their all too important wealth-management check-up scheduling. They also experienced no spam reports against their phone numbers during their 8 month trial period, indicating that consumers were more inclined to trust the phone number when it was branded. Hiya Connect is a good solution to mitigate the risk and liability that comes with spammers and spoofers posturing as a bluechip company without their consent.


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